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Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (Narcolepsy Test)


What is a MSLT?

A Multiple Sleep Latency Test or MSLT is designed to measure the tendency of a person to fall asleep during the day. This test is particularly useful in helping diagnose people who are excessively sleepy during the day (this may imply sleep disorders like Narcolepsy). MSLT is also used to help people with Narcolepsy adjust their medication and to measure the degree of sleepiness in patients with other sleep problems. The purpose of the MSLT is: 1) to determine the time that it takes to fall asleep and, 2) to record if dream sleep occurs during any of the scheduled napping periods.

What happens during a MSLT?

Your child will be prepared as they would be for a routine sleep study. After performing the sleep study the night before, your child will be required to take a series of scheduled naps in the sleep lab the following day.